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omg yesterday [05 Sep 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

yester day had to be the best day of my life i met justin and were going out friday night ahaha im so happy and excited i cant wait but now this week will take for ever

The Apocolypse.

My shit day [27 Aug 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Today sucked ass. First of all last night i didn't get to bed till like 2:00 AM because I was I.Ming and that was actually kinda cool cause i got my homework done while i talked to everyone. And this moirning i was actually able to wake up with out my mom coming in to bitch at me and turn all the fucking lights in my room on. So i get up take a like a frikin 30 minuete shower but thats normal. Then Brittany was early to pick me up so im frikin in my underwear in my room trying to frikin get dressed and that for me is a like another 20 minuete process. So we get going get to wando and then of course thwe like 10 principals yell at us for being in the ROTUNDA which we have frikin been baned from using. Then i find out that the stupid bitch english teacher ms. Woody gives us a god damn enourmous essay over the weeken and then on top of it i have two other enourmas tests in Physical science and Global studies. oh and a test in english one on like the 7 th. So finally i get to chorus and well its friday so its like our play around day , and you are like supposed to massage every one in some aura hippie tipe circle. So we do that and then if you want to solo for the class. So evry one goes and Adena goes and shes some puerto rican from miami and so she sings the national anthem and she was kick ass i mean everyone was like standing up yelling and clapping and well.... it starts popuring rain and after three fucking weeks in the new school the ceiling is leaking ? South Carolina cant do anything. OOO i forgot about the pep rally man that was great. We all come in im smugling my camera in in these like tight jeans and you'd haver to blind to not see it so obviously all our teachers are blind so I there and im stoking down alex and cant find out. The the bimbo chearleaders and the band and drum line are blasting at like full blast and the gym was llike shakin then we did all these cheers. And screamed back and forth from one side of the gym to the other which was fun unti l i lost my voice.

Ok well then its frikin storming when we get outside and, guess where this rain is coming from. another fucking hurricane of the coast. THe second god damn one in two weeks. Oh by the way ill have pictures posted of the first one, the pep rally and school and zach and I acting like retatrds, if i can ever figure out how to get the pictures to up load so i can put them ioon my journal. I mean i've got them on my computer but i cant get passed that part. And uhhh not much else is happening besides a swim meet tommow in hilton head tommorow so we have to drive in the ghetto wando sports bus for two hours and then trafiic makes it even worse. AND WE DONt get back until like 4 ... there goes my saturday and then i have to do all this homewok so i guess i'll just do it on the buss there. Damn this stupid computer Lauren ineed your help i'll e-mail you the pics and then put them on my site you no my password right.

Gita Jet -- Drew

The Apocolypse.

swimteam [26 Aug 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I think theres a conspiracy to kill me on swimteam. Like yesterday, i was immpaled in the face by nelsons foot, then i cramp up because i didn't get to warm down right. then i had to ride my bike home and i really started cramping. Then today Jeffs doing fly in front of me and the water from his kick is splashing into my mouth and i'm choking and like like throwing up water that i swallowed. Then MOLLY the biggest bitch on the team and or the freshman class is like "hi my name is molly and i'm running for freshmen class president" and she tried to say it nice but what she really meant was. "hi my names molly bitch and you better vote for me because that simsar bimbo isn't going to win. Then the coach is giving us imposible sets and our warm down was a 300 and thats a big warm down. And then on our sets everyones arms are hitting eachother and it frikin hurts and my wrist keeps scraping up on the lane lines and the wall. As you said l;auren i live in THE Fucking pool. So ill probably die in one. well thats my day so um how was yoursa if you want to comment please do

gotta jet ----Drew

The Apocolypse.

Toaday [26 Aug 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

lets see today was just really frikin long and booring as hell. I can never find Alex. on top of that ohhh ohh wait got an idea..


CHiCHi, zach, Lori, Mike/carl, Emily, crying, water, Swetki, bitch, um, Cd, the vines, excesive compulsive, Nancy , crazy, strangling, moma coe gothic, ms. bendell, english, work, ms woody, Final Fantasy, Fairly odd parents, Lauren, cell phone, love, I.M, Alex, pins, closet

and we'll leave it at that. Sorry i got kind of a.d.d. there and did like this conection list think of one thing and then type the next thing you think of emidiatly after. they dont have to make sence like moma coe and gothic dont reely go. im suprised i didnt think of strpper. any one from laing knows what im talking about if not ask.
well also tommorow we have that pep rally tommorow and thats gonna be realllllllllly fun to watch them cram veryone in the gym. itll be a process just to get the freshman in. but then again theres a 1000 of us so of course its a process. Then we get to watch the bimbo chearleaders even though i reely dont care about that. Ha then um i dont know what happens oh yaeh theres suposed to be like teacher dodgeball and teacher basket ball. that will be great. So im bringing my camera tommorow so i can take pictures of it and if i can figure out how to scan a normal picture onto my computer ill put a bunch up. But ill need lauren and cassias help because im not that skilled. Well i gota jet swim team is in 15 min. and i gaotta ride my bike


The Apocolypse.

My day [25 Aug 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well right now im on the phone with the beautiful lauren. but let us speek of my day because it was going well untill i got kicked in the face and got a frikin black eye at swim team and well my bitch coach swetcki and well she was like get the hell out drew stop swimming. and then my dad spazzed out over it i quote him "were gonna have to take you to the damn er". so thank god i road my bike to practice or else i would of had to listen to that crap. so i got home did homework and watched degrassi and now im writing this

Drew gota jet .

The Apocolypse.

I hate the world for today at least [23 Aug 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I hate my teachers. they are getting to be agrivating its only the start of the third week and there frikin loading us down with all this frikin home work and crap. Especially with ms. woody. I hate school yet i love it at the same time. You get to see friends and everything happens at wando. imean almost every high schooler in mt. pleasant goes there. But its a hip place 3000 kids all trying to cram through the rotunda which we have been banned from using. I mean the wonders of SC. spend 65 million on a new school and 1 million on the rotunda yet we cant use it. I cant believe im from here , i wish i could pack up go to th north to NY with the school and friends and just leave this place. I mean its alloot better than it was now that all these people have moved here but its still bad. Between the wiggers, ghangstas and the rich ass island people it still sucks.

Drew well thats pretty much it.

The Apocolypse.

my survey [22 Aug 2004|07:36pm]
The \\
Last Cigarette:never
Last Alcoholic Drink:never
Last Car Ride:coming home with zacks mom after driving amanda home to the frikin island
Last Kiss:2 and a half yaers ago
Last Good Cry:2 years ago
Last Library Book:i have no idea
Last book bought:i hate books
Last Book Read:The source
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:alien versus predator
Last Movie Rented:scary movie 1 and 2
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Bitch
Last Beverage Drank:a purple gatorade
Last Food Consumed:a turkey sandwich
Last Crush:now
Last Phone Call:last night
Last TV Show Watched:um...the grahm nortten efect
Last Time Showered:this morning
Last Shoes Worn:black converse
Last CD Played:wining days the vines
Last Item Bought:jeans sexy jeans according to lauren
Last Download:Final Fantasy stuff
Last Annoyance:my hole life
Last Disappointment:a few hours ago
Last Soda Drank:mountain due code red
Last Thing Written:homework
Last Key Used:k
Last Words Spoken:damn
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:cookies and cream
Last Chair Sat In:the office chair im using now
Last Webpage Visited:www.livejournal.com

The Apocolypse.

Once Again I have no idea [21 Aug 2004|08:18pm]
Ok well today was actually a good day and yesterday. And since iwas to lazy to write in my thing yesterday i'll write about it today. Well starting yesterday at 6:00. Zack comes over beATS On my door, scares the shit out of me and so i fall out of my chair. Leave it to me to do some thing that retarted. So then we start playing with paint and thats always a fun progam especiallywhen your drawing CHiCHi, Lory, Carl, Roofus, Charlotte, and super catholic what odd neighbors zach has, but amusing.
Then we went to the movies in amndas rich ass mini Cooper and any one hooknows me well enough knows i pronouns that mini Cupa. So we get to the movies and CRISSY is ther oh and zack had been waitin for that. (savin yall time and efort). anywya i start spazing out cause the movie theatre has these speakers that they never use and some bohemuth loud mouth comes on and talks about show times. so im thinking what the fuck why cant you just read the damn things off the board. Oh the genius of humans.
So we get in the theatre and the preview s come on and amanda and daniel are already lip locked sucking face. I mean thats not the most atractive site. That will make you wanna go homo after seeing to much of that. So then the manager comes in cause someone was makin to much noise us or the bimbo's behind us. so zach keeps talkin. Lauren and amanda walk out in apair and of corse go to talk.
So then the movies over go outside krissy is still there and well so was ***** * one of the hottest people ive seen. but to bad i dont think ***** is into the same things i have to se they are missin out. LOL lauren you will get that.
Then zachs mom got sucked into driving amanda to her house 30,000 frikin miles away in wild dunes. And i tell you she was not happy. Not at all. so amanda gets in the car and well mrs.thames picked pu on the fact she is from the north and gave her a lesson on southern dialect and edicat like yes ma'am and yall and MIZ's ok. So amanda spazs out and go's im NOT A YANKEE IM A HOOSIER. which is someone from indiana. Big deal a yankee hoo farms. But dont worry amnda we still love you.
We get back and i convince my mom and i spent the night at zachs and that was cool because well we joked around the hole night, did mad libs which are the most hillarious things if you make the words like reely sexual or dirty. and then well we did that all night but that was fun,
So from then on it was wake up and play Final Fantasy IX which all Final Fantasy games are the best. You have not met an addict until youve met zach and i but then we came to my house and did Chi Chi and roofus and thats about it
The Apocolypse.

I dont know ? whatever [18 Aug 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Well todat was wonderful. School was pretty good and well this is my first juornal entry wa-hoo! man thats exciting....i hope everyone just picked up on the fact that well i reely didnt mean that but uh i gotta go because my paretns are being bitches and making me do my homework gotta go later

Drew .... ya

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